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If you have been charged with violating a criminal statute in the State of Oregon, it is critical that you contact an experienced defense attorney who can help you possibly avoid conviction and minimize your legal exposure. Many liberties and freedoms are at risk if convicted of a criminal offense. It is important you consult with an experience attorney who can advise you on your rights and represent you in court. 

Our approach from day one is simple: we educate, listen, and fight for results for our clients. We are skilled, experienced defense attorneys who can represent you at all stages, including pre-charge investigations, charged and accused of a crime, and trial. 

At Dundas Law, we are experienced in all types of criminal cases from misdemeanors to major felonies to sex offenses. 

Schedule a consultation with Dundas Law today to learn what we can do for you.

Criminal Case Types

  1. Assaults

  2. DUI

  3. Domestic Violence

  4. Expungements

  5. Felonies

  6. Misdemeanors

  7. Property Offenses

  8. Sex Offenses

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